Best/Easiest to use Software to Backup Music Library?

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Hey everyone,

i recently had a bit of scare. My external HD fucked up and i thought id lost my entire Music Library (26GB). Now i want to back it up to a couple of DVDs, but want to know what would be the easiest way to do this?

It's not as simple as splitting my library up into six roughly equal sections and then putting them all on a couple of DVDs... because i am CONSTANTLY adding songs to it, so it wouldn't take long for it to become out of date.

Is there some way that i can simply put my most recently added files (songs) onto DVD?

Surely iTunes can do this? Infact, you can by making a 'Data CD or DVD' i could, right? It should be easy.

All id would need to do was split my Library into 4.4GB sections, and have them ordered from most recently added- to the first song i ever added.

The only problem would be if i edited older songs (such as changing song name, adding comments, equaliser, etc). I should use DVD-RWs then.

How many GBs can they hold? It's 4.4, right?

I think ive answered my own question, but if you can suggest anything then let me know. Thanks


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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    I think DVD R's hold 4.6 gigs. You don't have to split your library. If the playlist you are burning is bigger than one disc can hold itunes will prompt you for another disc when the first one finishes.
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    spiers69spiers69 Posts: 418member
    oh ok. i didn't know that. that makes it even easier. thanks
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    skatmanskatman Posts: 609member
    4.37 Gigs if you count correctly (1 gig = 1024 megs).
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