How Does Tiger 10.4.1 Handle Bad Sectors?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Okay, I dropped a hard disk. Ouch. In windows 2000 chkdsk was able to do a surface test and identify at least 4kb of bad sectors.

Lets say if I reformat it and use it as an external firewire drive, does the hard disk circuitry itself, the firewire-IDE bridge, or Mac OS 10.4.1 :: which one will identify bad sectors and prevent it from being used?

I'm just wondering how confident I can be in the drive. It copies data and plays back video fine, SMART status is all good, only a full surface test done in DOS/ Windows2000 shows up bad secteros. probably as a result of dropping the drive on the floor


Tiger or Unix has no full surface test utilities


Will Tiger and the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 (3.5" 7200rpm 2mb cache) be smart enough to 'discover' and 'lock off' bad sectors


If I buy and use Alsoft's DiskWarrior and it identifies bad sectors, how would Tiger handle this?


Am I just waaaay tooo paranoid?

Thanks in advance geniuses

I'm curious because i've gone back to a 20gb 5400rpm maxtor drive which i have surface-tested and SMART verified to be error-free

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