is Acrobat needed with OS X?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi, folks!

One, Happy New Year!

Two, a question: right now I'm using Word 98, OS 9, and Adobe Acrobat 4 to produce different reports on my iBook, saving to a floppy, and then printing to a laser printer, at work, through my Windows system. Once I get OS X (in a few weeks, hopefully, with a new system), will I need Acrobat, at all if all I do is share documents (to be viewed or printed) with some Windows-using associates? If I simply print my Office X file to a .pdf file, can I just e-mail that to my associates, and they can view the file (fonts and all) using Acrobat Reader on their machines? This would save me $99 in an upgrade fee, if so. If not, it's a business expense... but I'd rather not spend the moeny, period.

Thank you!

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