No ipod adverts on uk tv

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

Their never seems to be ipod adverts on TV in the UK even though they feature in a few other companies adverts (e.g. Toyota). I saw one of the recent adverts at the cinema where i work though. Why are Apple so reluctant to advertise in the UK, it stupid because we are a massive market for the iPod, hardly a day goes by when i dont see at least one person with one. (normally i see at least 10-20 people a day with them).

Also the Mac seems to be taking off here, last september i got tons of weird looks and 'That looks like a giant ipod' when i took my new ibook into college. But while at college i got my computing teacher to use one and now he puts on demonstrations of how powerful his tiny mac mini is.

Also i was speaking to some girl at work, neva knew she was a mac user and then we started talking bout macs. Then a few people interupted sayin how good they were when they used them at University.

Also students are looking at them alot more than they used to in the past, anyway looks like i have gone off topic so i better stop before i go on any further.

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