which files are responsible for iTunes Statistics?

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hey everyone, im backing up my iTunes Music Library. As well as burning all my music to disc id like to also burn the files that keep track of iTunes statistics (such as the date a song was last played, or last edited, etc..) where about will this file be?

Also, with the songs' cover artwork is actually incorporated into each file, right?

Is there anything else i should add to these DVDs so that if my HD were to crash i would have everything i needed to get my iTunes Library looking like it is now?

Also, while im asking, is there such a way to move the file reponsible for iTunes statistics to that it is kept on my external HD with my iTunes Library??

That's all.



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    /Users/~Username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library

    /Users/~Username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml

    AFAIK, these have to live on your local system, but your music files can live anywhere. (If you delete these files or try to move them, iTunes will create a new set next time you launch the app.)
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