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I've been interested in buying an apple laptop for some time now. It has an Airport Wireless Card. Now I know I can use the wireless card for wireless internet, but I'm also wondering if I can just plug a landline cable into the required port just for regular use; as if there were no airport card (so using the wireless card for landline internet - if that's possible, read on ). I want to be able to use the wireless internet and land-line internet, because I have to move around a lot. So is this possible under the one airport wireless card? Or must I buy a normal Ethernet Internet card to satisfy the regular internet line? Are 2 cards needed? Or can the wireless do both jobs? Do wireless internet cards only support Wireless? Or can they support land connections as well (I.e. 'just plugging it in to the net') If you can answer my questions I will be very pleased, because I need to know soon whether I just need the one wireless card or 2 cards (Ethernet and the Airport Wireless). Thanks.


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    Ethernet is built-in to all Apple computers. You just plug in your ethernet (RJ-45) cable and go. You set the order that you want the Mac to try the 2 different connections in the Preferences. Thus if you have Airport set first, it will connect to any Airport source it can find. If that fails it will connect via the ethernet cable if one is plugged in. Or you could change the order to the opposite.

    No, you don't need an additional card for ethernet.
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    Thank you so much.
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