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I'm setting up a new FCP workstation. I'm ordering a Dual 2.7 with dual 23" monitors. However, I also need to view my HD footage an a third LCD.

I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'm assuming I'll need to install an additional video card. Does OSX allow for more than two monitors?

Because the second video card will have use one of the PCI slots, which card is recommended?


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    dual 2.7 Ghz and dual 23" displays? do you, say, need an assistant? someon who's willing to relocate and is a wicked fast learner?

    anyway, yes, the mac os has always been able to support as many monitors as you can feasibly hook up to video cards and outputs in your computer. and no, there are no triple-headed video cards (well, i don't think such a thing exists). which video card did you have built-in with the g5?

    ati used to have pci cards in their own category on their site, but now they don't seem to make it a selling point. maybe just give them a ring and ask them?
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