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I'm on here almost every day reading the various posts. But I almost never post. Mostly because I'm still learning. But I've been a heavy mac user for over 3 years now. I got my 1Ghz 17" PowerBook G4 in June of 2002, and I've loved it ever since I got it. I'm currently running Tiger 10.4.2 and I was just wondering if you all could help me.

Even though I've been a heavy user, I've not had any mac using friends and have had to learn everything myself. After extensively diving into each Apple branded app, I'm finally reaching out to 3rd party stuff, and am just now finding the beauties of apps such as Growl and Quicksilver .

I've looked all over these threads for a list of "must-have" applications like these, but found none.

So lets make a list of all the general use apps/utilities/widgets for the newbies like myself, shall we?

There's Growl and

Quicksilver of course, but there's also

Adium X

These are the only three I've found so far, and are probably extremely obvious choices to you experts, but give me some slack here, I'm still catching on


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    bergzbergz Posts: 1,045member

    I've looked all over these threads for a list of "must-have" applications like these, but found none.

    Look closer.

    Free must-have OS X apps

    Must-have freeware

    And welcome!

    I really don't understand people who haven't embraced Quicksilver yet. Especially those at Infinite Loop.

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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,584member
    Hands down my favorite: FUGU

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    How many of these have we had?

    Maybe its time to Sticky it.
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    Somehow I found which is an ad free site listing over 11,000 OS X apps. Everything from freeware to full commercial apps.

    Since everyone is different it really depends on what your interests are, but there is a mass of stuff to look at.

    I've tried over 50 apps from them and have kept about 20 - even paying on the shareware apps. I have customers overseas so I use CurrenciesConverter. Buy a ton of books when traveling on business so I picked up Bookpedia - then CD and DVDpedia, mainly to keep a file on my iDisk for insurance purposes. iPasteboard has been a big help for some projects and Burning Monkey Mahjong for when I get bored on a long plane flight. iDo is quick & easy and Lightbox works for a lot of old family pics that I don't want to keep in iPhoto.

    I've spent a lot of time scanning in old family pics - some going back to the late 1800s - and Photoshop Elements 3 is great for cleaning them up - especially with the new healing brush.

    Typeit4me is also good if you do a lot of repetitive typing and want a short cut.

    The main thing is to go look through the lists, download things that look interesting (especially if there is a demo version!) and see all the things you can do.

    have fun!
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