FINAL CUT PRO 3 help :0)

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Hi Guys,

I have final cut pro 3 and I'm trying to make a copy for a friend student but so far without success... does anyone knows what need to be done to make a copy of the CD?

I will send a copy of Final cut pro 3.0 to the first one who help me out with this problem :0)




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    did you try to make a disc img of it? and ether send it to him of burn a copy of the img? make sure not to mount the img once you make it. Just burn it.

    I hope I won the copy of FCP 3
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Actually this is fact. and being posted into many different FCP user web sites.

    The FCP 3 CD is encrypted (or copy-protected) therefore you can't really burn the 'back up' disc. Toast and Disk Copy will report error.

    Even though the CD is burnt the installer will just hang because it's searching for the REAL ORIGINAL CD.
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