When will Apple update .Mac ??

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What is with Apple's lack of support for .Mac?

It needs a lot of work and there's no word on any updates any time soon from Apple.

What .Mac should have by now for $99/year:


2) More services, such as podcasting, blogging, etc.

3) New website naming (such as www.yourname.mac)

4) Better SPAM filtering (including reporting)

5) Better exclusive content, such as iDVD themes, etc.

Really, it seams that we're stuck with it. When it first began (iTools) it was a great idea. Now I feel stuck with the email address - and quite frankly I feel no reason to renew it this year unless they pull out some serious overhauls. Who here feels the same?

Anyone with a .Mac account should read this article:




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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,605member
    I have .Mac and love it. Yeah, homepage sucks but the rest is nice. I would like a larger storage option. I pay for 1 GB of storage and it is currently pulling me out of a spot since my iPod is in for service I have no portable hdd. I would pay for 10GB if they would speed up the sync.

    If you have more than one mac, it pays.
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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 916member
    I've used .Mac and love it, but the storage side is rather poor. The cost of storage for Apple is cheap enough that they can significantly increase it at no additional cost - mainly because few users would fill their allotment.

    I use the email address (several actually) the backup facility and throw in photos and short movies for distant family members. It doesn't need a lot of new features for me to keep paying (not at about $8 a month), but I believe it needs some serious work to capture a lot of the new Mac switchers.
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    I believe it would be great to have a better homepage setup with more layout options than two or three rows of photos. More themes. As for storage, I haven't come close to filling up what they've given me so far, much less if they gave me more. Perhaps it ought to be a low cost option for more if you need it. I'd love to see a serious upgrade to .Mac, but has anyone even heard a peep about Apple actually working on any form of an update on it?
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    spyderspyder Posts: 170member
    I think replacing the now defunct Virex with a free copy of Rapidweaver would be a very good thing. There's your podcasting and blogging right there. If they don't up the storage to AT LEAST 500MB, they have mental problems. It should be 2 gigs.
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