find/smart folder problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
okay, this is strange. i searched for adobe bridge cache files to delete them. since deke mclelland says to keep an eye out fo rthe little buggers, i decided to save this search as a smart folder, so i could always keep tabs on them. it worked, so i thought, hey, cool! i'll make some saves searches for things like files i have created int he last week (which will really help me clean up my computer on fridays.

but now smart folders don't work. i kid you not. i've tried everything. i even give the search an easy one, like "search this folder for items labeled red" and then i put only one file in that folder, and it's labeled red, and it'll just sit there a-spinnin', unable to find anything.

strange thing is, it worked a couple hours ago, but not now.

the only thing i have done to my computer since those smart folders were made was that i updated iphoto to 5.0.3. now, the update to iphoto was supposed to change somethign with regards to smart albums, but that should affect the whole system, should it???
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