Applying Sound Check To Previously Imported Songs

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My understanding of Sound Check is that upon import iTunes determines the song's overall volume in relation to a baseline and automatically applies a Volume Adjustment so that all songs play at a consistent level. How do I force iTunes to examine songs that I've already imported before turning on Sound Check?


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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Hmmm, I don't think you can have it precompute the souncheck volume aside from enabling the feature and then disabling it after it analyzes all the songs.

    However, I thought the iPod's SoundCheck feature relied on the the same sound level settings. This would imply that iTunes must analyze all songs whether the feature is enabled or not.

    At the very least iTunes remembers soundcheck levels after you turn the feature off, so if you turn it on again it only has to process new songs.
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    My experience is that Sound Check does not work "on the fly," which is why I've drawn the conclusion that song is analyzed during import and the Volume Adjustment applied.
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