New IM! possibilty of a port to os x

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Heres the link. <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;




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    bogiebogie Posts: 407member
    I prefer Fire <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    But trillian isn't bad.
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    sinewavesinewave Posts: 1,074member
    Yeah the latest build of Fire is nice. I hear .29b will be out soon. I compiled my own .29a
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    mac gurumac guru Posts: 367member
    Is there a Mac version or did you just link us o yet another PC chat client my boy?

    Mac Guru
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    bogiebogie Posts: 407member
    Fire is an Mac OS X only client, Trillian is Windows only and they are looking to port it to Mac OS X.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    I love using fire, but for now i use ICQ's official client.

    Fire is too inconsistent with sending messages. Are the newer builds any better?

    I'm talking about sending a message that never gets to its recipient. this problem is mainly with icq, but it has occurred when using AIM and MSN as well...
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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    Last I checked on my PC, Trillian's interface blows, it's cheesy. Is it still a nasty Multiple Document Interface?

    All I really do is AIM, IRC... and occasionally I've been known to go on MSN. ICQ software is just.. abhorrent, anymore. So for that I use Adium and Ircle, the two best choices for each. I'm not that much of an idiot that I have to use an "all in one" dumbed-down interface for a couple of different communication methods, thankyouverymuch
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