New iTunes interface?

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Are we ever going to see an update to the interface? I for one would like something alittle more sleeker, maybe importing various colors of blue or something. I'm just tired of looking at that dull grey layout.

Do you think Apple will ever make a sleeker interface?

Do you know of anything that will allow for the skin changing of iTunes?


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    dhagan4755dhagan4755 Posts: 2,151member
    Oh you can bet that iTunes 5.0 will be announced with much fanfare and sport a redesign. Most of it will probably be under the hood.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Knowing Apple, you will *not* see skinning or themes for their baby, at least not any sanctioned ones. Apple places a lot of weight on the concept of branding, that you can identify iTunes, a Mac, an iPod, etc. immediately. This helps lower the barrier to entry, increases an item's apparent popularity and also makes it easier to learn and use their products when they're familiar to everyone.

    You probably will see a new GUI for iTunes, not deviating too much from the formula that's taken off for them thus far: quick searching/filtering, source view, browser within the app, simple controls and display. I'd bet that it will better incorporate video playback features and controls, integrate album art and videos further into the two main view areas, integrate the music store pages and layouts into the window even when not in the iTMS (i.e., the window is the page), use Spotlight or a Spotlight-like search engine that's more flexible and extensible than the current search field, and generally go more towards what you see in Tiger's Spotlight windows now, not so much in terms of skinning but in terms of multimedia viewing options.
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