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I browse these forums daily, reading up on everything to increase my Apple knowledge. Yet I have to suffer, and have done for the past few weeks.

This extremely annoying flash advert appears at the top of every other page, blasting it's extremely loud and irritating music at me.

I doubt most of your visitors have seen these annoying adverts because they come from the US, and your advertising software somehow knows I'm from the UK and hence provides "relevant" adverts.

Please get rid of this advert. I don't mind the ones or any of the others that don't play music, but this single advert is making me not want to come here.


There's even a case study on the annoying thing from the Advertising Standards Agency.


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    Seconded. Thirded. This is by far, by far, the most annoying advert I've ever seen.

    Makes Tina look like the ideal house guest. It's unbelievable.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    (Dark, sinister voice)

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    mimacmimac Posts: 872member
    Grrr! Just got blasted with that f@*&ing crazy frog shite

    Please get rid of it pronto!
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    A little something to sooth your battered souls: Crazy Frog baseball!
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    Crazy Frog = DEAD.

    Sorry for the delay. In future if any of these noisy ads appear please email me to ensure it can be removed ASAP.



    PS May take an hour or so before it disappears for good.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    And if you actually miss that noise, somebody.....made.....a.....sorry.....

    dance mix.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    They continue...and now they're interfering with the functionality of this site. I just saw an ad that was not a banner, but one of those annoying boxes that blocks other things on the page. It was in the upper left hand corner and blocked the AppleInsider text, ironically the left part of the top banner ad, and the first couple segments of the forum links chain above the table.

    It was some stupid "1,000,000th Visitor! Click to claim your prize!" ad. Not only that, but the "Close Window" text at the bottom of the ad didn't even work and still took me to their piece of sh*t site.

    It's gotta go, friends.
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    We'll look into it - thanks.

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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I know you mods have a lot on your hands, but perhaps it would be a good idea to add periodic (weekly?) ad screening to the AI Mod's "to do" list to stop incidents like this before ads get out of hand. Heck, you could even appoint one mod ("The Lone AI Censor Comity") dedicated to advertisement control.

    Just a thought. \
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    This one didn't work so well:


    Yes, that really is right in the middle of the window. I clicked on the close "button" and it did go away, but blocking this site's content? Come on.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    If these poorly veiled soft porn ads don't disappear from AI soon (mainly the front page), it's going to be really hard to justify coming here. Honestly,!
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member

    Originally posted by BuonRotto's going to be really hard to justify coming here. Honestly,!

    He he, no pun intended?
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
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    aries 1baries 1b Posts: 1,009member
    Do keep the Mate 1 Ladies floating around. Kinda brighten the place up a bit.


    Aries 1B
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    keotkeot Posts: 116member
    Though I'd add to my existing thread instead of starting another.

    First - Thank you for listening and removing the Crazy Frog adverts.

    Last - Get rid of the free iPod pop-ups! They seem to be avoiding Safari's pop-up blocker and randomly open as I'm reading threads.

    Thank you,

    Signed a AppleInsider Forum Lurker.


    It seems to be the 'Capture 5 Sharks to win your Free iPod' Flash advert that does the pop-up. Even if you don't touch the advert you end up catching five sharks after a few seconds, triggering the unrequested pop-up.
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    The Free Ipod popups not only interfere with viewing, they interfere with posting.

    While typing this, the Frickin Sharks (no lasers) banner caused a new window to spawn and my sentence continued in its address bar, rather than here.

    Spam the front page and it's zillions of /.'ers all you want, but when ads actively interfere with my participation and enjoyment of your site, a craven desire for clickthrough and impressions per page will defeat your purpose... if anything their offensive nature is going to cost you visitors.

    edit: two more popups... one while posting, one on page refresh after posting.

    Three browser redirects per page is a bit offensive. Even for you guys.
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