i figured out the countdown hype

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some prob remember but a while ago apple had been talking about how they had these cubes that were flying simple planes that would act as giant airport hubs. now the latest post of going where no pc has gone before indicates space. how? star trek- to bodly go where no man has gone before. the future is wireless computing anywhere. with the apple flown planes over big cities that is a step towards the future. this goes beyond the rumor sites because we are on the ground not way up in the air. we also havent talked about this in a while. if i could have airport anywhere in a big city i would be blown away. and to put this into effect over the many large cities in the us would be big by ANY companies standards.

or maybe the anouncement really is a computer that understands you. thus the startrek allusion

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    fixed the title going to bed its late
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    I heared rumors Apple may be looking into buying out Earthlink.. hmm
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