Writing a resume using Office Word.

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Anyone know how to do this? I thought it was just using a simple template and it is done. However I can neither find a template or find anything related to resumes in the help part of microsoft word. Anyone have any idea what is the best way to go about doing this? I am merely a college student looking for a little part time job so I don't need anything really fancy but I want it to be somewhat nice.


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    They don't have it listed but you can get it from their site.


    Or you can get other ones from many sites on the web that might give you some insight on how to write it.


    Good luck!

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    chikarachikara Posts: 116member
    thanks for the help, I kept searching the microsoft website but I only found stuff for the 2003 office for PC. Nothing for the mac version. Thanks a lot.
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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    My god, you want a job and are trusting a MS Word Template for guidance? DON'T DO IT. They all suck and will not help one bit. Go the the bookstore and find a resume guide that gives guidance creating for "functional", "chronological" and "combination" resumes and when to use each type. Unless you are going for a special position with special resume requirements the rest are bunk--asking about the Word templates immediately tells me you are not in that position. You are trying to get someone to buy "you", spent 10-12 bucks and get a guide on how to sell you. And don't wank about formatting and typing from scratch. If you don't know how to do that already, what you learn doing it on your resume will help if you get an interview.

    No fancy text. Make it easily and completely readable at a glance. Nobody gives a shit about fancy-schmancy text other than it makes it harder to read. Absolutely the last thing you want of your resume.

    No graphics. Just takes up space that you could be documenting your talents, and if you are an artist you will already have a portfolio to show that off.

    No lies. Don't sell yourself short either. Show how your experience can fulfill their requirements. It doesn't have to be doing the exact same thing.

    Make the job objective at the top custom for each position. No form letter resumes or they will only get form letter glances. Use one of those Word templates and the HR folks will likely weed you out as an unsophisticated attempt that looks like 50% of everyone else's.
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    chikarachikara Posts: 116member
    thank you for your insight. I will take it into consideration.
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