Run OS X client on an Xserve?

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I bought a new Xserve G5 for my company's backup server. I wont need to run OS X "Server" OS if I dont need to (I wont be running Samba, Apache or AFP services, etc). It will be an enterprise-level dedicated backup server. All it will do is backup my other OS X servers.

Question: Can I actually install and run Tiger client on an Xserve?

Can I still remotley use tools like Apple's "Server Monitor" app to monitor the Xserve's hardware (fans, temp, NICs etc) without OS X Server on the Xserve? Or do I need to run OS X Server on the Xserve to get hardware-specific remote monitoring tools?

I'd love to use the unlimited Tiger Server license on another server if I can. Why waste the license on an Xserve that doesnt need it?


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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    a) There is a good chance the the drivers needed for the XServes are only put into MacOS X Server.

    b) The license only allows you to use the included OS on the XServe, it is non-transferable.

    c) The admin tools are part of MacOS X Server.

    d) You would not really have any way of installing or maintaining non-Server, as you don't have a video port. This it thought through in Server.
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