Problem with the Mail app

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Im running OS 10.3.9 and Mail 1.2.9 I believe,( Im not on my mac at the moment)Im using the webhosting service and I have an email account with my domain name. Ive troubleshot to the point were the out going mail server info works and I am able to send mail via my domain emal accout through the Mail app, I have put in the correct incoming mail server info into Mail and it never connects as far as I know , but the problem is that there are no error messages that come up to really make any assumptions. I tested the godaddy mail server info at work and the info is correct because it works in Outlook on XP and I was able to import my domain email at work, so... what the hell is up with OSX Mail and Or is it the app? I dont think its the app since Im able to send mail out of it. Any thoughts? Im using comcast cable internet as well.
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