What to expect of new iBooks...

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I'm jsut wondering what everyone thinks the new iBooks expected Tuesday will end up like. Personally, I'd be extremely surprised if Apple moves to Intel processors this early, there hasn't been enough time for developers. I think a small processor bump with better graphics very likely. As far as a new form factor, it would make sence. Apple has used the same white iBook since what, 2001? I'm hoping for somthing that mimics the iPod Mini design. With college students soon in the market, and free iPod Minis to education purchases, it would make sence. In my opinion widescreen will not happen now, just because it's what visually sets the powerbook line apart. If there is going to be a new case, however, it would make for good timing. Love to hear your opinion.

Here's a mockup of the case I expect...


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    dhagan4755dhagan4755 Posts: 2,151member
    Ahhhhhhh, another new iBook thread. \

    No new specs, no nuthin'

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    benjamin_rbenjamin_r Posts: 265member
    There is a thread talking all about the new iBooks here

    It even has a full mock-up of exactly what your talking about so I think Ill lock this up now...
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