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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,278member
    Don't expect a mini Portfolio/Cumulus yet. It will take some revisions and consumer feedback for Apple.
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    Speed: You're right, it's dog slow. Too bad, really.

    Hierarchical Database: What are you asking for here? Keywords are orthogonal organization, instead of the strictly linear orgnizations of a hierarchy. Of course, I'd like to have hierarchical keywords (ie, People-&gt;{Me, Wife, Family, Friends-&gt;{Mike, Renee, Lars}}, so I could tag a photo with 'Lars' and then select People and get all People, including that photo, or just Lars to get just pics with him in them. As it is, I have to add People *and* Friends *and* Lars to do this... and with only 14 keywords to play with, I quickly run out of keywords.

    If they could speed it up a bit (alright, a *LOT*), and give us hierarchical and expanded keywords, I'd be quite happy.

    The importing of pics into the database exclusively instead of using references is something I'm okay with now, after thinking it over... this isn't a thumbnailing app for an existing archive of hierarchical organization, it's a keyword organizational app for temporally discreet batches of photos (film rolls) that will later be grouped and cross-referenced (albums).

    Personally, I like the iPhoto approach better, but the speed and flexibility need to be improved before it's a killer app in my opinion. Right now it's just sort of a mugger app.
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