Firewire800 Drive Suggestions

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Hey, I'm looking at getting a 250GB Firewire800 external drive for my powerbook. It will mainly be used for photo and video storage and occasional backups. I am looking for something that is also Firewire400 compatible because my WinBloze computer needs to be backed up and fresh installed soon (what else is new) and it only has FW400 or USB 2.0. Thanks for the suggestions.


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    awalawal Posts: 66member
    I have this lacie triple interface drive but in the 160 gb version. It hasn't given me any problems.

    I also use it for photos and backups, and truthfully, I don't see very much difference between FW400 and FW800. I only see a difference b/w the two when I move, say, 1 1Gb File, but not when I move 1000 1Mb files.

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    baranovichbaranovich Posts: 184member
    I've been very happy with a FW800 drive enclosure that I bought from I added my own 120GB 7200rpm 8MB cache hard drive that I had lying around. Now my data drive it MUCH faster than my computer drive. The only problem is I've only got 30GB free and its filling up fast!
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    o4blackwrxo4blackwrx Posts: 383member
    I am making this exact same decision right now. I have narrowed it down to two choices. In one corner get it already together with no upgradablity in the future, but the design is perfect and it looks amazing. It is by G-Technology and they offer tons of Firewire 800 options. In the other corner, take my current HD laying around and getting a FW 800 case (I already had a 400 case) by Rosewill . This one seems to be my choice once I get the money. I could put a 500GB HD in there later and at a speed of 3GB every 56 second, it is completely worth $100 to me.
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