Copying movie dvds on my pwrbk G4

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I have a superdrive Power Book G4 and would love to know if I can make copies of movie dvds without 3rd party sortware. A friend recommended I copy the dvd to my hard drive and then use disk utility's, "create a new image command" to copy the movie onto a blank dvd. I did this and the copied dvd verified..but when I tried to play it back it only ran for about three seconds, showing the FBI warning briefly before stopping with an error message. If anybody knows of a method that would be great.

Also, since most dvds have two hour capacity, can I fit a 120+ minute movie onto one? Or is some sort of compression software needed? I know there are the new 8.5GB/240 min DVDs....maybe that solves the problem. Also I know that sometimes the DVD extras can be included..and sometimes not. I have a feeling that they can be with 3rd party software.

Please advise.


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    I do this all the time as I don't want to set my PB's DVD drive to a specific region (Bastards!).

    I put in the dvd, when I see the icon on the desktop I press control and drag the icon to a folder and it copied the dvd there.

    Now I open DVD Player, go to the Video_TS folder and play.

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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    Oh Yes.

    You can then download mac the ripper or popcorn (or whatever) and then burn a backup of your purchased dvd to a new one.

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    k_munick_munic Posts: 357member
    to get copyprotected (commercial) DVDs on your hd, you need tools as MacTheRipper? her>>

    (Popcorn is not a Ripper, but a "Squezzer", to make DVDs WITHOUT copyprotection smaller ?)

    to make it usefull on a Laptop, I recommend tools as Handbrake, which convert the DVD into mp4?_you loose a little quality but the video gets much smaller

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