PowerMac G3 ,Two Hard Drives & Tiger Need Help!!

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I have a PowerMac G3 Blue and White and in it, it has a 10 gig hard drive, I purchased an external Maxtor 40 gig hard drive to put in the g3 should I put it in? Also I want to transfer all the whole 10 gig hard drive to the 40 gig is there a program or any way possible to do that?

Any Help Would Be Appreciated!!!!!


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    cubitcubit Posts: 846member
    As a rule, externals are to be kept external. I would not try to pop your new Maxtor out of the case and put it in your PowerMac. It should work fine outside. You can direct copy the contents of your G3 to your new drive by a simple drag. Just be prepared to wait and get all the garbage on the new drive you had on the old one. You might try to parttion your new Drive before you copy anything onto it into, say, a 10 GB partition you could label (imaginatively) "Old Drive" and a 30 GB called "New Beginnings" or some such. If you do that you will get two icons on your desktop when you attach it with those two names and you can copy the entire contents of your G3 to the "old drive" partition. Your "New Beginnings" will be fresh and ready to receive any software you wish to add in, like Tiger!
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    beigeuserbeigeuser Posts: 371member
    You can use Carbon Copy Cloner to make an exact duplicate of your boot drive if you wish.
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