x86 Macs + Mighty Mouse bundled = ultimate switcher machine

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There are many reasons why Apple is now making a multi-button mouse:

* Profit

* Satisfy the mac users who want multi-button mouses

* Make the household Mac play nicely with children who want single-button while adults want multi-button, but without exchanging mice every time

* the ultimate switcher machine?

The x86 mac will be able to run Windows XP easily, whether it's by dual-boot or if it's by a small window within OS X. Windows on the mac, allowing users to run certain programs that they need, such as scientific apps or accounting tools, will eliminate the most important factor behind the switch: using programs not currently on the mac.

And what better way to help switchers with using Windows on a mac? Multi-button Mighty Mouse bundled with all x86 macs. Windows XP install optional?

I could see it happening.

(BTW, this is sooo future hardware... )


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    mugwumpmugwump Posts: 233member
    worst. attempt. at. a. new. topic. evar.
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    Originally posted by mugwump

    worst. attempt. at. a. new. topic. evar.

    Agree. We have umpteen threads already dedicated to the new mouse. Just pick one and go with it.
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    Im not 100% if I should scrap this thread or not....

    They are already a lot of threads out there and I really dont think this subject deserves a lone thread.

    Maybe Im wrong... maybe Im right... that's for the courts to decide...

    or is that my insanty... I forget..

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