External keyboard on a Powerbook: controlling volume

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
At work I use my Al PowerBook in closed-lid mode with an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

The keyboard (from Adesso)is a Mac-specific USB keyboard. The function keys on the Powerbook that control the volume (F3,4,6) do not function on the external keyboard.

In keyboard setup, I have the "Use the F1-12 keys to control software features..." unselected (thereby allowing those keys to control the hardware brightness, volume, etc) on the Powerbook.

On the external keyboard, I've tried combinations of apple key, opt/alt, control, and shift keys with the function keys, but can not get the volume control to work.

Anyone know how to get an external keyboard to control the volume? (I really would like a quick way to mute the speakers...)



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    Interesting problem. I have the same type of setup in my house and it works fine. I'm using a generic USB keyboard but the volume control functions nicely.
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