G5 wont boot into safe mode

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
First of my specs: Dual G5 2GHZ (2003 Model). 8GB ram, usb tablet connected, apple bluetooth and mouse connected, dual cinema 20" displays, second HD raptor 36GB. Atto UL4S scsi card connected to the pci-x 133 slot. Both monitors are using the usb and firewire port on the back of the G5. From there of course I have devices connected.

Now the issue is I was trying to swop out the original ati card that came with the G5 and install a x800XT. So far so good. I noticed there was a new ROM update for the card so I wanted to install it. When I went to install it, it asked to do it form safe mode if using 10.4

I restarted the G5 with the shift key down (now I decided to use the usb keyboard and mouse that came with the G5 incase bluetooth did not want to let me boot into safe mode) but the computer would not boot into safe mode.

Unpluged all teh usb and firewire devices and tried the usb keyboard on the front and back port of the G5 but still no luck. For whatever reason I have never been able to boot up the G5 with any of the keyboard keys. Anyone have any idea what hte issue is here.


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