Apple Malaysistan offering older model iBooks up to us$355 less

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okay, firstly, this whole Malaysistan thing is a lame joke i came up with. It's Malaysia, where i'm living right now. anyway, so apple malaysia has come up with the older models of iBook for US$300 less for the 14"combo and US$355 less for the 14"superdrive.

just thought i'd share.comparing to USA prices, hmm...

hey it's not too bad, about the same as most US resellers are knocking off $150-$300 for the previous gen of iBook 14"

very tempting. okay so it works out to equivalent of (including local sales tax):

ibook 14" 1.42ghz 512mb superdrive ati 9550 for $1,440 USD

ibook 14" 1.33ghz 256mb superdrive ati 9200 for $1,271 USD

ibook 14" 1.33ghz 256mb combodrive ati 9200 for $1,141 USD

ibook 12" 1.33ghz 512mb combodrive ati 9550 for $1,067 USD

(edited: cleaned up product matrix)

hmmmm......... any advice oh wonderful, supportive appleinsider friends?
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