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I downloaded iPhoto a few days ago amidst all the initial praise and complaints. While reading the message shortly after its release, someone (from Ambrosia, I believe) mentioned a list of programs which are now included with MacOSX. One was SnapsPro, which is extremely useful, especially if you are building a manual for programs on the Mac. The other program in question was Pixelenhance, by Caffeine Software. I already knew what a great little piece of software SnapsPro is, but I was curious about the other.

<a href="http://www.caffeinesoft.com/frameset.htm"; target="_blank">http://www.caffeinesoft.com/frameset.htm</a>;

I tried it, and I think anyone who was complaining about the inability of iPhoto to allow adjustment of levels and contrast should try this program. It does everything you need, in the simplest of interfaces. Just keep the icon in the dock and drag the photo from iPhoto to pixelenhance. Adjust it the way you need and save it. Voila! No hassles, just adjustments. I couldn't think of a better way to do this!

Try it... You will like it, and it is going to be included with the OS anyways.



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    Those apps are not included with Mac OS X.

    They are bundled with a single license on new PowerMac G4 towers purchased from Apple.
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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    Like I said in the other thread, PixelNhance is great! Saves me a few trips to Photoshop when playing with pics. It sucks that it's a separate app, but iPhoto is going to take care of most of its features by the next release. Also, if PixelNhance's author is reading this, get some better icons (both for the app and in the app)! In any case, it's a good app, for being free!
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    Glad you liked it. Wish I had designed it. Good coing on the Caffeine guys.

    And about the license issue... oops... But don't you wonder why the software mentioned is only available with the G4 tower? What was the link aghain? I misplaced it...
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