Fillable PDFs - How?

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Hi all

I run Panther, 10.3.9. I downloaded a fillable PDF, but all PDFs seem to open in Preview. Is there any way I can fill in this PDF without printing it out and doing it by hand?

Thanks and cheers


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    Have you tried opening the PDF with Adobe's Acrobat Reader?
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Duh! Never thought of that! Since I abandoned Microsoft I never considered Acrobat. For the Mac I had Preview, for Linux I have a host of applications, so Adobe completely fell out of the picture!!!

    Let me see if I can download Acrobat and use that.

    Thanks Micahgartman!

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    I was using one this morning-- if you install the pdf plug-in for safari (versiontracker, maybe...), you fill them out in your browser. It's mighty handy.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Thanks, I shall tr that too

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    A bit late, but works in Firefox, too...
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