Final Cut Pro w. out serialz

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So my friend went ahead and made the hefty purchase of final cut studio. He installed it on his computer and then handed the discs over to me so i could install the. However, he ididnt keept hat packaging so i dont have the serial numbers. Is there a way to get the serials off his app. or call up apple and get the serials from them? I know that it can be liscensed up to 3 users so i dont think that this would be a problem. Thanks for the help.



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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    i might be wrong, but i think one user is allowed to install FCS on up to 3 computers. (not one copy for three users). you have to get the documentation to get the serials. there all kinds of warnings on the documentation telling you that you need those serials to install FCS.
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    Goodbye. You should have read the posting guidelines before asking others to aid you in theft.
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