iPod not properly recognised on eMac... read on

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hey all,

i've just bought myself a 2nd-hand eMac. It's running OS 10.3.3, but the previous owner had deleted iTunes (fuck knows why?!). So using my external HD i added iTunes to it.

Now when i plug in my iPod it pops up on the desktop, but iTunes doesn't recognise it. I've confirmed this by going to the iPod Preferences within iTunes, with my iPod connected, and it says 'No iPod Connected'.

It's definetly not the iPod (tested it on this computer) or the cable.

So which piece of software is responsible for recognising the iPod? I always thought it was iTunes (i've got version 4.9).

Once i get the eMac connected to the net i'm sure i'll have to do several Software Updates.

Anyway, if you can help out then let me know



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    proxyproxy Posts: 232member
    I think you have the same problem a friend of mine had. Basically it's that you need at least OS 10.3.4. There's a solution on Apples support pages . Hope it works for you.
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    spiers69spiers69 Posts: 418member
    hmmm... it seems pretty odd.

    What i did was drag the eMac out into the other room (this one) and connect it to the net. I then used Software Update and updated a whole list of applications, and the OS. Now i've got 10.3.9 and everything is working just fine

    thanks all
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