click pad on powerbook problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
The click button below the track pad is having an issue. it sticks alot so you have to press raelly hard for it to click and it makes a lot of noise. brand new computer. it doesnt stick every time, but about every 15 clicks it sticks, and makes a lot of noise every time. any help is appreciated


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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    I'd phone Apple, or take it to an Apple store, and see what they suggest. If your computer is less than a fortnight old they will give you a brand new powerbook, or a refund (bare in mind new PowerBooks may come out in September).
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    fosmanfosman Posts: 15member
    I had this problem. Took it back to a Mac store, they replaced it straight away... it was under a fortnight thou.

    They should definately look into it, and get it fixed under warranty...

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