broadband problems (and hex screwdrivers)

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an eMac running panther, and I am trying to hook up to bt broadband basic in the UK. I have a netgear modem/router yet when I try and connect it I get a message saying that ppp could not be found. I have checked connections etc. but cannot think what is wrong. Has anyone else had problems like this?

Also, I'm trying to install an interal dvd writer, and have found a guide on how to do this. It mentions 'hex screwdrivers'. Are these the same things as allan keys, or are they something completely different?



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    As far as "hex screwdrivers" go, I think an allan key will do the job just as well. If I remember correctly, from looking at an eMac previously, you probably need a fairly small one. Probably something like 4-7mm.
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