Gizmo/SIP Adaptor blocking my laptop connection

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey folks...

I'm running an iMac g5 and a Powerbook G4, both with OS 10.4.2

I've had my Linksys PAP2 adaptor for ages but only just got it working in conjunction with Gizmo. I now have a dialing tone and can make calls.

However, when i got the adaptor working, my laptop lost it's access to the internet. It's connected wirelessly to my network via a wireless router (netgear wrg614), as is the iMac. The adaptor is connected via ethernet.

It's definitely connected to the network because i can access the iMac's hard drive, however, there is no access to the internet. No settings have changed. When i unplug the adaptor from the router and reset things, the laptop can access the net again.

With the adaptor turned on and working, the laptop works if i use ethernet rather than airport.

The iMac has had net access all along.

This is highly frustrating. I want to use Gizmo, but I can't not have net access to my laptop.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is occuring and how to fix it?
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