Firewire-to-USB adaptor/512 Mb vs. 1GB

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I'd like to offload videos from my digital camera using iMovie, but iMovie only looks at Firewire and my camera only has USB for output. So I am looking for a USB to Firewire adaptor or cable. Does anyone make one?

Also, why does a 1GB module of RAM cost more than 2 512 MB modules?


Steve B.


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    No can do. USB and Firewire are 2 different protocols. However, you can use Image capture to download the photos and movies and you should be able to import them into iMovie.

    and for the RAM: Simple. One large chip costs more than several smaller chips combined. There can be other factors between the ram sticks (speed, error checking, dual channel...), but I'll assume they are the same.
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    If you plug your camera into your computer, it should appear as a disk drive on your desktop. You should be able to manually copy any video or images files from your camera to your hard drive this way.

    Also, I believe that iPhoto has a new feature that allows you to download videos taken with still cameras. I've never used it myself, but I remember reading about it somewhere here at AI.
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    Thanks, guys.


    I accept USB/Firewire incompatibility. I was able to use Image Capture to offload 2 files that iPhoto couldn't, an .fir file, whatever that is, and a video file(.avi).


    An icon doesn't appear on my desktop when I connect my camera, and show CDs & DVDs is checked in Finder prefs.

    Re iPhoto, it is not seeing the video file. The video software that came with the camera and Quicktime player can play the video after Image Capture has offloaded it, tho, so I'm all set.

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