OSXvnc 1.6!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
OSXvnc 1.6 rocks! Its like a poor man's Citrix! LOL

"Simply put, Mulitple Desktop Sessions allow more than one person to use your Macintosh computer at the same time!

In Panther (Mac OS 10.3), Apple introduced "Fast User Switching" which allowed additional users to log on to the mac without the original user logging out. Instead, the original user's desktop was carefully tucked away and could be switched back to when needed.

Now in Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) all those desktops can be accessed simultaneously using OSXvnc. This allows multiple users to be logged in, each using his or her own desktop on the same Mac. For example:

While my daughter plays her computer game on the monitor attached to the computer...

While I access my files through the Finder and develop with XCode...

While my son can launch iTunes and have it stream music over AirTunes...

My wife can read emails and check weather on her Dashboard.

All at the same time!"


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