Time Tracker for multiple users.

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Good evening brave men and women of appleinsider.

I have yet another challenge in life. Well I have quite a few but I feel only this one is appropriate for the halls of this forum. Here it is:

Right now my office of proud designers and programers are all using one excel file on our in house server to track our hours. now it works OK, but I fell there has to be a ore elegant solution. This is my wish list:

1) We have lots of work coming from one company. they do in-house stuff and they have many sub companies we do work for. I would like to track hours for each of these projects. Right now this is how it we have named the projects.

Bellstar has an internal site:


Bellstar has a sub company called Mystic springs:


Mystic springs has a site:


They also do an ad:


Anyway this is getting confusing I would really like a far better solution that we can all use so I can see the hour spent on mystic springs as a total or just one area of work we do for a specific sub company, say Ads or Web work.

what software would you recommend?

though PC and Mac compatibility is good Really we only need built for Mac.

I hope you all can wade through my dribble.


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