X11 help needed.

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I installed 10.4.2 on my iBook, along with X11, but when I try to use such programs as the Gimp and SodiPodi, they start and just quit. I checked the console and it said something about FontConfig not being configured correctly.

Help, please?


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    Did the SDK get installed?
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    Yes. I found the answer on macosxhints.com, but everytime I try to do the commands in the Terminal (as root), it says "Command not found". Do I need to be in a certain directory?
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    Yes. You have to specify the full path to the program. Look in the/usr directory. There should be something like X11, cd into that directory and look for a bin directory. That should be where the utility is.
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    OK. Found the utility, but it still says "Cannot find command". Hmm.
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    Originally posted by blackbird_1.0

    OK. Found the utility, but it still says "Cannot find command". Hmm.


    i use matlab and apparently when u install tiger, the new x11 doesnt install. so i think ur software needs the new x11 so use ur tiger dvd and install the x11. DONT use the one on the apple site cuz its still an old version.

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