PB G4 15" Display Flicker when Opening Lid

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

When i open my lid the display flickers. Bottom area turns black/ other pixels from the rest of the screen gets scrambled in it too and the area effect, when i move my mouse to that area it disappears like its not refreshing. Can I fix this myself?

Do I need Radtech's Aluminum Glide kit?

One of the days it got really bad.. no matter how i adjust the lid's angle, it wouldn't come back to normal. Today, its doing pretty ok.. minor flickering when opening but returns to normal when i'm done adjusting. I'll try and take a pictures when i catch it being really bad.

Anyone Else have this problem?


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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    i guess no one has this problem.. great. which means i should take it to apple. i might as well by a mini mac cuz i'd be out of commission on my pb for 2 weeks i bet. or better yet an ibook. ha. or get a dell.
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