App that can crossfade songs AND burn them to CD?On-the-go, read on...

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hey all,

i was invited to a party a couple of night backs and agreed to bring some banging tunes with me. But with such short notice it meant that my mixed CDs were really patchy... i did a bit of quick editing, but next time i plan to make them much better.

Anyway, one of my problems is that i took many of the songs from mixed CDs i own, that is CDs where the songs are mixed together and so indivually don't have a proper ending.

I use the Crossfade option in iTunes to reduce this when im playing at home, so that it fades out the previous song, and fades in the next... but iTunes won't do this with CDs. It will convert them from a number of fromats to AIFF and then burn CD, but not this....

SOOO, does anyone know an application that will crossfade the songs and then burn them to CD like that? If you don't understand (i think im making sense) then just ask me to explain again.

If you know of one, then please let me know!

Thanks all


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    kim kap solkim kap sol Posts: 2,987member
    The crossfade is simply an effect of playing two MP3s at the same time fading one in and the other out.

    What you're asking cannot be done without some changes to the MP3 (or whatever music format) files. Trickery would be involved to make this work because of the nature CDs work.

    The fading would have to be added to the actual song file. The song file could temporarily be altered, I suppose, for the purpose of burning and then deleted afterwards but it seems rather complicated.

    I don't know if any Mac apps will actually do this...iTunes certainly won't as you probably know. The only thing I can suggest right now is getting Audio Hijack or WireTap and record the playlist you want to burn with the crossfade option turned on. This will produce one large music file with the crossfading you want. Then you can separate the large file into smaller ones (so you'll be able to skip from one song to another) using any app that lets you modify music files (QuickTime Pro or whatever).

    It's a complicated process for such a simple idea but what can you do. :/

    An AppleScript or Automator script could probably do all of this really easily.
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 582member

    Originally posted by spiers69

    If you know of one, then please let me know!

    Thanks all

    Toast with Jam
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    spiers69spiers69 Posts: 418member
    thanks for that!

    Joast with Jam seems to be great. I haven't burnt anything with it yet, but i've started a mix CD and it's sounding pretty good so far.

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    rhoqrhoq Posts: 190member
    Roxio's Jam should be all you need for burning Audio CDs.

    I usually record mixes into CD Spin Doctor, normalize and edit in Peak and then use Jam for tracking and burning.

    The cross fade comes in handy (along with the Time Stretch features in Cubase) for constructing Show CDs for out artists.
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