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New to macs and Safari.

How do i lock the font size in Safari? Currently, when i change the font size, it lasts until i quit Safari. Then when i reopen it, i'm back to the default size. I've tried making the change in Preferences, but it doesn't stick.




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    tidelwavtidelwav Posts: 118member
    Nevermind, it works now. Sorry for the waste thread.
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    Hehe i can see your going to need this

    I know i posted in your other thread, but forgot to say welcome to the bright side and appleinsider, you'll have fun learning your way around your new mac/s i promise
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    tidelwavtidelwav Posts: 118member
    Thanks CM! I am having fun and i like the Mac much better overall. It's very nice not to have to worry about viruses, spyware, and adware. I had to run like 4 apps constantly just to keep it clean!

    I also think Tiger is far better than Win XP.

    I bought this but there are still some things that it doesn't seem to cover. Is that other book better?
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    I haven't read it But it looks like the book i pointed you too is a more in depth than the one your reading

    Another good and essential read for all new mac commer's is 'Macintosh...The naked truth' by Scott kelby.
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    Ok cool, i'll get those too.

    Thanks for your help! This board rocks.
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