Should I be able to print 4 x 6 on 4 x 6 paper?

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My friend posed the following question to me. I am hoping someone here on this forum can tell me what I should tell him as I am unsure:


Tom: I'd like to ask a favor. If you don't want to do this I'll understand, however.

I'd like you to ask Vinny or his brother a question: (I've emailed two Mac experts -one from BiMac and the other to the guy that I used to play RB with, but neither one has responded)

I have two printers: an Epson RX500 and a Canon i850.........

On both my printers I can print 8 1/2 x 11 pictures from iphoto fine -clear and centered

I can print two 4 x 6 pictures on 8 x 11 paper fine - clear and centered.

I cannot print 4 x 6 pictures on 4 x 6 paper on either printer.

My question:

Is this a function of my Mac or the printers? Should I be able to print 4 x 6 on 4 x 6 paper?

I called Applecare and they could not help. They claim that it is a printer-driver problem. I down loaded the latest printer drivers, but no luck.



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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I have a Epson Stylus 2200 that prints 4x6 fine on standard and roll paper. You have to use the borderless settings though that are not installed by default. On my computer, open Printer Setup Utility, click Add, select your printer, and select "ALL" from page setup. (Not just standard)

    My printer is a generation before yours, so the software may be a little different.

    Oh, and double check your page setup options. It may still be set to 8.5x11.
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    voxappsvoxapps Posts: 236member
    Can you describe what happens when you (or your friend) tries to print a 4x6 photo on 4x6 paper? Does it not print at all, or does it print off-center, or what?

    (I wrote the following before Ebby posted, so maybe this adds something, maybe not....)

    I print 4x6s all the time on my Canon Pixma 6000 printer, and before that on an Epson 740, so there's nothing in a normal setup that should prevent printing (I'm running Panther 10.3.9).

    When I want to print 4x6s, I crop my photos in iPhoto to 4x6 (so I'm assured of printing just the area I want). In iPhoto, under Page Setup -> Format For, be sure the specific printer you're printing to is selected (on my Macs sometimes OS X reverts to a generic printer profile in Page Setup - you want the one specific to your printer). Make sure, again under Page Setup, that Paper Size is set for 4x6.

    When you're ready to print, try clicking the preview button in the Print dialog window: it should show you a thumbnail of a correctly-formatted photo.

    If that still doesn't work, you could try fooling around with the printer utility application (on the Canon, it's buried at Computer Name -> Library -> Printers -> Canon -> BJPrinter -> Utilities) to see if anything obvious is amiss.

    Beyond that, you're probably at the garlic cloves/sacrifice a chicken stage.
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