iMovie HD on Mac Mini

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Hey, if you looked into the "current hardware" forum, then you know I just got a mac mini for the sole purpose of using iMovie HD because I hear it's the best! And I'm ready to agree with that, but I've never used a Mac before or iMovie HD, now I'm very computer savy, I can figure things out in 5 minutes of playing with it, but I want to know the difference between iMovie, and iMovie HD, also, how simple is the program, and how advanced can it become? Thanks.


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    iMovie HD is capable of doing HD. I don't remember how high a resolution, but HD nonetheless. It can still also do regular DV that any camcorder nowadays can crank out.

    Depending on what you know about the program, it can do a lot of good stuff for you. There are also add-ons that different companies have designed for it. Plugins, if you will.

    For the basics, I'd say you should visit Apple's support page on iMovie and/or buy a book that lays it all out. Check them out at your local B&N or Borders or buy them at the regular places online.
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