Garageband and Audio Files with 4 Tracks?

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Here's my situation: I'm the A/V guy for a band that's currently in the studio recording an album. When the studio engineer and I are done mixing down the songs, I'd like to be able to integrate the final mixes into a "making of..." video with footage I've shot during the recording process. Here's my question:

Is there a 4-track audio file that we can export to that Garageband will be able to read/import? I'd like to be able to separate the vocals out to 2 channels and instruments out to 2 channels so I can have versatility in using only instruments or the whole mix in the video. For example, have the song instrumentals play until the chorus, missing the whole first verse.

I know I could get a copy of the final mix and instrumentals only, but then I'd have a heck of a time syncing them up just right in the final edit. It'd be best to load all 4 tracks into Garageband and *take out* what I don't want and export that mix to a file to edit into the video. The only other option I can think of is getting a file with instrumentals only and another with vocals only and put them together in Garageband.

I hope I've made myself clear enough. There's not a massive time crunch yet, but I'd like to have enough to go to the engineer with so I don't look like an idiot. I'll admit that I don't know much about Garageband and this whole in-studio process has been a learning experience for me. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    The engineer can just set up busses on the console so that he can create two stereo tracks for you - an instrumental track and a vocal/background vocal track.

    Once those are set up correctly, if he's using Pro Tools or a similar digital editor, he can simply play the song(s) down and record the busses to new tracks - creating the audio files you need.

    If he's not using Pro Tools, you'll just have to roll it off to a DAT, DV or whatever format that you can use.

    It's really easy to do.
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