Unable to create disk image of audio CD

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Hi all

When I run Disk Utility to create an image of an audio CD to duplicate the option for "Image | New | Image from (select a device)" is greyed out. I cannot reate an image of any audio CD, I tried quite a few that I own. And no, those are not copy protected in any way. I can burn them in Windows XP.

I do not have this problem when I burn an image of a data CD. It is only for audio CDs that this happens.

I could not find any info in the Help documentation for this problem. Can any of you throw some light on this please?

Thanks and cheers

*Edited to add: I run Panther 10.3.9 on a first generation entry-level Mac Mini.


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    Hum, an interesting problem. Maybe Disk Utility can detect a music CD vs. a data CD??? Try making a CD in iTunes and then trying to make and image from it.

    Also, do you have Toast? If so, try making an image using it and see what happens.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Thank you Baranovich! No I do not have Toast. I shall download it and try and also try making a CD out of iTunes and check it out.

    BTW, this is a new problem for me. When I had 10.3.8, I was able to burn audio CDs without a problem. It is only after 10.3.9 that this problem started.

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