iMac 16x Verbatim dvd-r only 2x Available

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Ive reccently purchased the latest revision of the 20inch imac, it comes with the PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K04L, ive been using some 16x verbatim dvd-r discs on my windows based pc running on a nec3500 succesfully burning at 16 speed. Tonight I put one of these discs in the imac to backup all my data and it only offers me 1x and 2x speed for buring. I really dont want to wait 30 minutes to backup onto one dvd and from what ive read the apple branded media are rebranded verbatim's and im using verbatims.

Ive also been in Instant messege contact with Apples technical support and they recommended that I try under a different user profile, I did this and there was still only 1x and 2x available. They have asked that I try some different discs and failing this they have suggested an OS reinstallation.

It could possibly be that due the batch of discs that ive got come with a newer media indentifier code on the discs and the mac is only offering me the lower speeds due to not recognising the newer code. Just a theory?

I know that on the imac the maximum speed should be 8x, also at £45 for 25 8x apple branded media, its just way to steep.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated.

Or maybe if someone here could recommend some 8x dvd-r media that they have been able to burn at 8x that would be great to.


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    What burning software are you using?
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    Im just doing it through finder as its data and not movie or audio. However I did have a look at the recorder properties in popcorn and the disc was also only shown to give the maximum of 2x.
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