Tiger sync issue

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Just installed Tiger onto my desktop and it's refusing to sync with my .mac account. My powerbook is working fine, but after (re)registering the desktop I'm continually faced with the following alerts:

'An inconsistency detected on .Mac for your Bookmarks data prevented your sync from completing! You should consider resetting .Mac from a computer with good data'


'[ISyncConcreteSession pushChange:]: you can't modify a record that doesn't exist: <ISyncChange 0x5e90980>{ modify record id '209FF769-3B44-4580-9D19-C4C598ADA656'

set all day = 0

set recurrences = ("5CCB2027-8AB7-4F2D-8AE0-677E7989010C") }'

The data in question is 'good' as it is perfectly synced with my powerbook (I also reset it with the data from my powerbook twice). I've unregistered and registered several times but keep getting the same messages.
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