Router Problems. Cant connect to the internet... help, please?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey everyone,

firstly, are there routers out there that AREN'T Mac compatible?

I've just bought a Netgear 108mps wireless Storage router. Im not interested in going wireless, i wanted it so that i could share an external HD between two computers...

ok. so i'm connecting via ethernet cables.

I've got the router connected to my modem, and my computer in the No.1 port in the back of the router.

Now, in Network preferences i should be using TCP/IP, right? Now PPPoE (as i usually do)? If i change the preferences to this and restart it comes up with numbers in the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Router fields....

if i go to diagnostics (by clicking, 'Assist' then 'Diagnostics') the following have little green lights next to them Built-In Ethernet, Network Settings and ISP... but internet has a little yellow light as does the Server. (right now, while using PPPoE and without the router, they are all green)

Why can't i connect to the net? Does anyone have any ideas?

Im going to see if i can see both computers by running them through the router in a sec....

thanks all


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