Convert a quicktime movie to a flash movie

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I did a quick search and couldn't find anything, so here it goes.

I was wondering if there is any way to take a movie made in iMovie (.mov) and convert it to a .swf file so that it could be viewed easier on a website. I'm looking for a free way to do this if possible.


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    Most modern browsers (post Netscape 3.0 and IE5, IIRC) have built-in plug-in support for Quicktime movies... simply add the <EMBED SRC=""> with appropriate H and W parameters. see also ActiveX parameters

    No conversion should be necessary... and the Flash Video codec is rarely free anyway...
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    The browsers do not come with the QuickTime plugin, but many computers do ship with it. Flash is more widespread, but the newest version are not quite as ubiquitous, and that is what is required for true video.

    And you do have to buy the Flash program (not the player, the creator) to get the video codec that you need. And it is a bit pricey: $399 for the basic version.
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